Zeta because we want your experience to be new and exciting.

Zeta was born out of nine years in a library setting. During those nine years, we learned the importance of a good environment, lasting values, great experiences and lots of practice in increasing the joy and efficiency of learning.
Members in our program do more than achieve the goals of parents or the program itself, rather, they create a vision for themselves. When given enough space and resources, we have found members are able to go beyond their own expectations.


Our mission is to offer students a great education focused on values and experience oriented learning.

Zeta will provide an environment where students can improve in English as well as grow as individuals. It is our goal to provide a whole education, a complete student! Zeta offers a variety of courses for students of all levels and ages. Courses vary from vocabulary to reading, and conversation, all focusing on grammar with the use of materials from books and even videos!


Our program focuses on community and values. We believe that language and community is what facilitates great communication.

The community is a constant focus for our program, as we find ways to integrate learning, teamwork, and the overall vision of our members.
Values are a key component of any program. At Zeta, we constantly try to learn more about the values that create successful communities and apply those to our program.


The lab is a place where members can work on projects, practice skills, and communicate with friends.


The communication class is a transitional space where members can review lab work and get instruction on spoken and written communication skills.


The structure class is a place where members can learn the logic of English composition, practice grammar skills, and learn new grammar skills.

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